Grand View Golf Course Winter Rules:

 Severe turf damage can result if these guidelines are not followed. Please follow them. Your cooperation is appreciated and will result in a better experience for all.

 Avoid playing when the course is covered with frost or snow. 40 degrees F is a good guideline to utilize but this can vary because frost can linger in shady conditions. Play when the temperature is above 40 and all frost has melted.

  1. If the majority of snow is gone (only drifts remain) play is permissible. Free drops from drifts.
  2. Please restrict carts to the rough (long grass) and do not drive on the fairways and greens.
  3. Water can accumulate in cups and freeze. Please be careful removing flags. You may not be able to remove a flag and that’s OK. Play on.
  4. Tee markers will be removed in the winter; please vary your tee shot location to spread the wear and tear over a larger area.
  5. Sand traps can freeze and become hard – be aware.
  6. Rakes are picked up for the winter. Smooth out the sand as best you can.
  7. The garage bathroom will be locked for the winter because the water will be turned off.
  8. Trash cans are not emptied in the winter. Please take your trash with you, including dog waste.
  9. Be careful not to damage the Christmas lights when they are up and avoid contact with electric cords.